Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion

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Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion


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  1. Dear Mr. Bartholomew,

    As a long-time member of the Unification movement I have noted with appreciation your usually insightful and accurate presentation of stories related to UPF and the Ambassadors for Peace. It is particularly gratifying to note in this era of so much poorly processed content on the Internet that you, instead, have the pattern of integrating excerpts from two or three sources to highlight a particular point.

    Considering your readily apparent commitment to accuracy, I would like to suggest two specific recent items in which your accuracy can be improved.

    1. Aug.6 — UPF’s “South Caucusus Peace Initiative.”
    One sentence is inaccurate: “Petrovsky has a distinguished background in diplomacy, and he runs an outfit called ‘Comprehensive Dialogue Among Civilizations’.” While the sentence enhances the image of Dr. Petrovsky, it is inaccurate. There are two different Dr. Vladimir Petrovskys and you have conflated them. The Vladimir Petrovsky of UPF is a younger man.

    2. Aug. 1 — More UPF advances in the Philippines.
    In this case the simple correction for accuracy that should be made would be to change one link that goes to an uncredited secondary source so that it goes instead to a primary source. The link to an uncredited source is in the following sentence: “This is, of course, one of Rev Moon’s prime objectives, as de Venecia himself [made clear] in 2005.” The uncredited two paragraphs to which the article is presently linked are found instead as part of a complete statement at The statement there is not dated, so you would need to make the date
    reference of “in 2005” less specific. The speech is in a book dated 2007.

    Also, I would mention that in your post of Aug. 10 on the Global Peace Festival you have duplicated one sentence. “Among the organization partners are the Humanities Council in the District, the Interfaith Consortium, the Greater Washington Urban League, the Universal Peace Federation and the Points of Light Institute.”

    I will continue to read your reports with interest, and, of course,
    let you know if I happen to notice any other inaccuracies.

    Glenn Strait

  2. Thank you, much obliged!

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