Rev Moon’s NGO to Hold “Holocaust Commemoration” in House of Lords

Rev Sun Myung Moon’s Universal Peace Federation announces an event  to be held in the House of Lords of the British Parliament:

‘Genocide Awareness and Holocaust Commemoration’
House of Lords Committee Room 4A (Map)

Hosted by Lord King of West Bromwich

5:00 – 7:00 pm, 1st February, 2010

You are cordially invited to a discussion of ‘Genocide Awareness and Holocaust Commemoration’ soon after the internationally recognised Holocaust Memorial Day to be held in the House of Lords, Committee Room 4A. Universal Peace Federation’s (UPF) Community Cohesion Working Group is holding this event to promote awareness of ‘the path to genocide’ to assist the identification of future unfolding tragedies before they occur…The Universal Peace Federation’s (UPF) motto “One Family Under God” signifies the importance of  understanding how such atrocities have happened and the determination to strive to prevent future reoccurences…

But what of the UPF’s founder’s own views on the subject of the Holocaust? Oh dear

Who are the Jewish members here, raise your hands! Jewish people, you have to repent. Jesus was the King of Israel. Through the principle of indemnity Hitler killed 6 million Jews. That is why. God could not prevent Satan from doing that because Israel killed the True Parents.

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  1. Thank you for highlighting this.

    The Holocaust is a horrific tragedy. I have visited Yad Vashem near Jerusalem with almost everyone of the 18 Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI) visits I either participated in or coordinated. It was a necessary element of the visits we organised.

    Rev. Dr. Moon’s extemporaneous speeches are difficult even for native Koreans. The translation will not be to a professional standard which requires a 20 minute rotation of professionally trained translators and then a confirmation of the text afterwards. The notes were usually typed hastily to pass on the general content and usually sent out with the warning that they are not entirely accurate.
    It is not a basis to express sophisticated theology.

    I would rather rely on the statement in 1976 that was published by Rev. Moon in the New York Times regarding the Holocaust and defining relations with Judaism and the State of Israel.

    “Judaism, Christianity and Unificationism are three brother religions in the Providence of God who must work together….” – Rev. Sun Myung Moon

    STATEMENT ON UNIFICATIONISM AND JUDAISM – in a full page declaration in in The New York Times, Sept. 24, 1976:

    On the occasion of these Hanukkah Days, the Festival of Light and commemoration of your victory over the forces of darkness and evil we wish to clarify our genuine convictions and express our honest and sincere feelings toward you, Jewish brethren.

    Towards this end and purpose we publish herewith and bring to your attention the document signed on August 10, 1976.

    In the course of their history the people of Israel and Korea have experienced suffering and persecutions by neighboring enemies and expanding imperialistic powers.

    As a son of the Korean people, living in this blessed by God land of America, I extend to you, Jewish Brethren, my hand of friendship and wish to state the principles which are guiding the activities of our Movement, especially those regarding the problems and difficulties confronting the Jews of the World and Israel at this crucial juncture of our common human history.

    1. The Unification Movement categorically condemns anti- Semitism, the most hideous, abject and cruel form of hatred. We regard the murder of six million Jews in Europe the result of political short-sightedness and lack of moral responsibility on the part of Germany’s political and religious leaders, and statesmen from among other nations, in the period between the two world wars.

    Ignoring the basic teachings of the Scriptures, they acted too late to block Hitler’s ascent to power, they postponed the action for his downfall, and they did nothing to rescue the victims who were the captives of his satanic plans and designs.

    Only a unified front of all Christian and Jewish forces, inspired by the principles of the Divine Commandments and guided by the concept of human brotherhood, would have been able to prevent the Holocaust, the implementation of the “Final Solution,” — a Cain-inspired action, carried out by the Nazis between 1933 and 1945.

    2. The Unification Movement recognizes the divine and natural right of the Jewish people to physical survival and preservation of its specific religious traditions, the marks of its distinctive historical entity. These fundamental human rights must be secured everywhere, especially for Jews living in the lands of the Diaspora.

    3. The Unification Movement regards the Land of Israel as a haven for the Holocaust survivors and sanctuary for all those individual Jews who are trying to escape physical persecution and religious, racial or national oppression. The demand for free emigration–the undeniable and inalienable right of every human being–must become the stated policy of the United States in her dealings with foreign countries, and particularly in her relations with the Soviet Union.

    4. The Unification Movement, in its efforts to resolve conflicts among nations and harmonize antagonistic social, economic and political interests, will work toward the creation of political conditions necessary for an acceptable accommodation between the Arabs and Jews, and to achieve a genuine and lasting peace in the Middle East, one of the most important corners of the world.

    5. The Unification Movement believes that religious and free people throughout the world must cooperate in building a spiritual and organizational unity among nations which will be capable to contain Soviet imperialism, which continues to inflict hardship and suffering upon its own people and is spreading the poison of hatred and dissension among nations of the world, with the ultimate purpose of political global subjugation and enslavement.

    6. The Unification Movement is grateful to God, to His true and righteous prophets and saints of our common spiritual tradition who prepared the foundations on which we stand and organize our struggle. We consider ourselves to be the younger brother of our Jewish and Christian brethren, all of whom are children of our Heavenly Father. We regard it as our duty to respect and serve the elder sons of our Father, and it is our mission to serve Judaism and Christianity by promoting Love and Unity among all the children of God.

    7. The Unification Movement teaches the Principle and strives toward the establishment of a Unified World Family of Nations guided by the concepts of Unity and Brotherhood expressed in the divine commandments, the foundations of our common spiritual heritage. It is our conviction that we must unite in order to attain this divine and sublime historical objective.

    Reverend Sun Myung Moon
    Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York
    December 1976
    Hanukkah, Kislev 5737

    Further theological statements have been made but they are much longer. Ceremonies were held at Yad Vashem, during some of the MEPI visits, to repent for the failure to protect European Jews during World War II.

    Robin Marsh

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  3. First…Moon’s goal is to absorb religions and ideologies under his. He doesn’t really care if you call yourself a Jew, Christian or Muslim as long as you will work with him, accept his front groups, like the UPF, and his influence through them.

    Moon gives lip service to a lot of things he wants replaced like democracy and that lip service is what his followers will point to when confronted with the reality of what he thinks. When they are exposed they claim he is misquoted or they put out BS like this Moon statement on Judaism to cover their tracks. It helps them bring in people of these various religions who know no better, are willing to rationalize or they lack the most basic discernment.

    For instance, the Moon organization will tell you they “love” Jesus too but in fact they say that even though Jesus knew the job that He was sent to do, He was a failure. His failure required Moon to go to the trouble of finishing the job. They say Moon had to marry Jesus to a living Korean woman and that allowed Him into heaven. (Yes, Moon had to save Jesus also.) They don’t stop there. Not satisfied with just mocking Him, calling Jesus a failure, they also teach that Jesus now serves Moon’s dead son in the Spiritworld. Moon once said he told God that He could “trust him” that he(Moon) wasn’t like Jesus, he would never pray like Jesus in the Garden asking for the “cup to pass.”

    In fact, Moon says he is here to indemnify the work of all past religious leader’s failures. He said that if you add up all the work of Buddha, Mohammed, Confucious and Jesus up it won’t come to more than 10% of his accomplishments.

    I think it was In Jin, Moon’s daughter now in charge of the USA, who said that her brother asked all the UC ministers to include a couple Bible verses in their sermons. Why? In case someone in the congregation brought a Christian guest. Seems it is always about the con. SMM said years ago that after they absorb the Christians they will no longer need to use the Bible.

    Rabbi Rudin did a study of the 1974 edition of the Divine Principle. Here’s is just sampling of what he found.

    A systematic analysis of this 536 page document reveals an orientation of almost unrelieved hostility toward the Jewish people, exemplified in pejorative language, stereotyped imagery, and sweeping accusations of collective sin and guilt.

    Whether he is discussing the “Israelites” of the Hebrew Bible or the “Jews” as referred to in writings of the New Testament period, Rev. Moon portrays their behavior as reprobate, their intentions as evil (often diabolical), and their religious mission as eclipsed.

    There are over 36 specific references in Divine Principle to the Israelites of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) — every one of them pejorative. The “faithlessness” of the Israelites is mentioned four times on a single page (p. 330).

    Moreover, the accusation is leveled collectively: “The Israelites all fell into faithlessness””(p. 315). “All the Israelites centering on Moses fell into faithlessness” (p. 320). “The Israelites repeatedly fell into faithlessness” (p. 343). (Emphasis added.)

    In similar fashion, Divine Principle records some 65 specific references to the attitudes and behavior of the Jewish people towards Jesus and their role in his crucifixion — again, every one hostile and anti-Jewish. Thus, not only were the Jewish people of Jesus’ day “filled with ignorance” (p. 162), “rebellion” (against God) (p. 359), and “disbelief” (p. 146 et passim), but they “betrayed” (p. 453), “persecuted” (p. 155), and “derided” Jesus (p. 135), finally “delivering him to be crucified” (p. 200). Rev. Moon goes even beyond the infamous deicide – “Christ killer” charge against the Jewish people. In two separate instances in Divine Principle (pp. 357 and 510), the founder of the Unification Church specifically links the Jews with Satan in bringing about the death of Jesus:

    [ Rudin quoting the DP:]
    As a matter of fact, Satan confronted Jesus, working through the Jewish people, centering on the chief priests and scribes who had fallen faithless, and especially through Judas Iscariot, the disciple who had betrayed Jesus.

    Nevertheless, due to the Jewish people’s rebellion against him, the physical body of Jesus was delivered into the hands of Satan as the condition of ransom for the restoration of the Jews and the whole of mankind back to God’s bosom; his body was invaded by Satan.

    So what did the UC do about the DP after it was exposed? They simply changed the DP. They were fine with it until it was exposed. They know they think these things but they also know it gets in the way of their bigger goals so you see things like Moon’s 1976 statement.

    It reminds me of how for decades Moon would get up and claim he was the messiah. The press afterwards would ask if that is what he really said and Moon’s spinners would go into their act. “Oh no, he is just saying he is anointed to do God’s work like any minister” or some such deceptive nonsense.

    Btw, the Moon organization says that due to all these failures, God had a change of plans and now members of the UC are His “chosen” people.

    Rudin gave the backdrop to that:
    additional excerpt:

    The anti-Jewish thrust of Rev. Moon’s writings about the ancient Israelites and the Jews of Jesus’ time carries forward into his interpretation of Jewish history and of the current status of Jews and Judaism in our own time. There are some 26 pertinent references in Divine Principle. Once again, in tone and in substance, they are viciously anti-Jewish, reflecting the worst aspects of traditional Christian displacement theology, and viewing the persecution of Jews across the ages as punishment for their sins. Thus “The Jewish nation was destroyed” (p. 431); due to “the Israelites’ faithlessness, God’s heritage (has been) taken away from the Jewish people” (p. 519). and “the chosen nation of Israel has been punished for the sin of rejecting Jesus and crucifying Him” (p. 226).

    Rev. Moon brings his teachings up to modern times.

    [ Rudin quoting the DP:]

    Jesus came as the Messiah; but due to the disbelief of and persecution by the people he was crucified. Since then the Jews have lost their qualification as the chosen people and have been scattered, suffering persecution through the present day. (p. 147).

  4. Its interesting all this stuff you bring up against the Unification Church’s anti-Semitism when what you are in fact citing has been the mainstream Christian theological position towards Jews since St Paul wrote his angry letters, right through to Martin Luther and on to the present day. Although much of the Christian has changed its position this view is still held by many protestants Christians. A matter of theology. What a petty thing to try and stir up hate for.
    Such anti-cult attitudes to other smaller religions lead to persecution. Go ahead, deliberately misread our holy books and misinterpret our teachers so that you have disfigured them beyond recognition. Before pointing the finger of anti-Semitism you would do well to look at the causes of it through history.
    Instead, why not look at the the great work Robin Marsh and UPF are doing to bring people together of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds on the principles of universal brotherhood, as espoused by Rev Sun Myung Moon.

  5. I am grateful that these issues are raised because it is important to deal with them openly and honestly. A further and more extensive statement was published in 1989 by scholars of the Unification Movement.


    The statement is too long but some excerpts are below.

    1. The Unification Church Condemns Anti-Semitism

    Among those who have suffered most heavily from religious bigotry is undoubt-edly the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism has been sadly recounted and repeated in the pages of history, time and time again. Now, in a welcome development, Christians and others are now recognizing the sin of anti-Semitism and religious bigotry and are working to educate people to this dark side of their history.
    As a Christian movement, the Unification Church accepts that the history of Christian anti-Semitism is also its legacy. Like all Christians, we are responsible to face this history and work to eliminate its causes. Reverend Moon has stated: “The Unification Movement categorically condemns anti-Semitism, the most hideous, abject and cruel form of hatred.”1

    2. The Teachings of the Principle and Anti-Semitism

    As Christians, and as a church that regards itself as a lineal descendant of biblical Judaism, Unification teaching must speak about the Jews as an historical people graced by God’s providence and who participated in the events surrounding the life and death of the Messiah Jesus. Hence we do not meet Jews simply as members of another religion; they are our brothers with whom we share, at least in part, a common history. It is essential, therefore, for the sake of a healthy relationship, that we clarify the Unification Church’s view of the Jews and Judaism.
    In order to encourage people to live a God-centered life that fosters love for all peoples of the world, the Unification Movement teaches a doctrine called the Principle.6
    Its purpose is to guide people to establish God’s ideal, which is “for human beings to love God as their Parent and to live in brotherhood as one extended family… that will create a one-family world society.”7 There is no room whatsoever in the Principle for the teachings of anti-Semitism.
    There have been several textbooks explaining the Principle, written by some of Reverend Moon’s disciples.
    (omitted please see full text)
    We recognize that none of these texts are adequate to fully convey the Principle; they represent the considerable yet imperfect understanding of the Principle by these disciples of Reverend Moon, conveyed with all the limitations of culture and language.9
    The Principle has definite teachings about the Jewish people as they participated in God’s providence throughout the Bible.
    Given that the New Testament itself contains anti-Jewish language and sayings, and that the early disciples of Rev. Moon who wrote the textbooks on the Principle were Koreans who had no contact with Jews or awareness of the problem of anti-Semitism in Christian teaching, it is not surprising that some Unification texts contain language that has been alleged to be anti-Semitic. However, the Principle itself is a teaching of love and respect for all humankind, whose purpose is to bring an end to all hate, bigotry and evil. Hence there is no room in its teachings for anti-Semitism in any form.

    Re: Displacement
    The Continuing Role of the Jews as God’s Chosen People
    It should be clear from the above discussion that the Principle sees a continuing role for the Jews as a people of God. This is in accord with the view of Paul in Romans: “God has not rejected His people whom He foreknew… for the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable.” (Rom 11:2, 29). The Jews continue to live in God’s grace.
    The Principle affirms that God guides all the world’s religions, including Judaism:
    God Himself has created and guided all of the major religions toward the restoration of the people of their particular region, time period, and circumstances.37
    But Judaism is more than just one of the great world religions. It is a religion chosen for a central role in the providence of God. Reverend Moon has declared that Judaism is the elder brother to Christianity and the Unification Church.

    Please see full text:

  6. We have documented a similar quote by Rev. Moon on our own blog., which might soon be deleted, exposes Moon for similar things.

    • Excellent and well needed site.,

      I hope Kook Jin doesn’t shut you down. They can’t handle the truth.

  7. “Who are the Jewish members here, raise your hands! Jewish people, you have to repent. Jesus was the King of Israel. Through the principle of indemnity Hitler killed 6 million Jews. That is why. God could not prevent Satan from doing that because Israel killed the True Parents.”

    Let’s have a look at this statement bearing in mind it is from notes of a speech given in Korean and simultaneously translated into English and so there may be bits missing because they weren’t translated or noted down never mind the inherent unreliability of such a mode of translation and transcription.

    The call to repentance is eternal. Why shouldn’t Jewish people and indeed all the people of the world be called to repentance? This is normal and is what John the Baptist and Jesus called their contemporaries to do. It is not unusual
    for Christians during Holy Week to repent for the way that Jesus was treated. So who was responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus? One traditional Christian response has been everyone, and so everyone, Jew, Gentile, black and white should repent which means feel sorry that it happened and determine to make sure that such a tragedy never happens again.

    Jesus is the king of Israel. Well, that is what Christians believe and that is approximately the title under which Jesus was crucified. From a Jewish point of view he obviously wasn’t the messiah because he didn’t fulfill the messianic roles. At best then he was a ‘potential messiah’ who, had he lived out his natural life, might have fulfilled them.

    Hitler killed 6 million Jews. So no holocaust denial here. What the principle of indemnity is here is not clear (translation/transcription problem?). It doesn’t mean they were punished because they killed Jesus because this is not what the word indemnity means. Indemnity means what has to be done to restore something to its original state. So there is no connection here with the crucifixion as the holocaust didn’t restore it. One explanation given by some Jewish theologians is that the holocaust was the ‘price’ to be paid for the restoration or establishment of the state of Israel. That was certainly a consequence of the holocaust but it shouldn’t have been necessary.

    From this statement and others it is clear that Moon thinks Satan was the one behind the holocaust. In other words it didn’t happen as a punishment by God for the crucifixion of Jesus. It was an act of Satan, not an act of God. So people, such as the institutional churches, were doing the will of Satan, not the will of God, when they marginalised, persecuted, abused and killed Jews. They might have thought they were doing God’s will, punishing Jews on God’s behalf, but from Moon’s point of view they were doing the work of the devil. This of course is very different to traditional Christian theology and folkolgy.

    God could not prevent the holocaust. This of course is a problem that has caused much anguish and led to a whole school of holocaust theology in an attempt to make sense of what is, and will always be, a problem of theodicy.

    Clearly from Moon’s statement God wanted to prevent the holocaust but God as we know is invisible. As Saint Teresa of Avila said, “Christ has no body on earth now but ours: No hands but ours, no feet but ours . . .” It was the Christian church that should have stepped in and prevented the holocaust carried out by the mostly non- or anti-Christian Nazis. That was the body, the body of Christ, through which God wanted to prevent the holocaust. But because of the latent and not so latent anti-semitism within the churches this didn’t happen. And this anti-semitism had part of its roots in the historical anti-Judaism of the church. Why was the church anti-Jewish? In part because the early church found it more convenient to blame the Jews for the death of Jesus than the Romans who executed him as a political subversive and potential revolutionary. The title messiah was very political and threatened Roman sovereignty. Jesus was not the only ‘messiah’ they executed. So because the Christian church has traditionally blamed the Jews for the crucifixion of Jesus, they didn’t have much compassion when Jews were being persecuted, rounded up and murdered by the Nazis and so God was not able to work through the Christian conscience to prevent the holocaust.

    The other interesting point here is that Moon calls Jesus the True Parents. In other words he recognises him as at least an equal. Elsewhere he has said he was saved by Jesus and it is well known that Amazing Grace is his favourite English hymn that he has often been hear to sign and hum. The idea that he thinks Jesus ‘failed’ which is often said is just wrong.

    Israel killed True Parents. On this Moon is either misquoted, incompletely quoted, using shorthand or plain wrong as this statement stands. Jesus was executed by the Romans on a political charge. Obviously some Jewish leaders of the Temple were involved. It was their job as collaborators with the occupying Romans to police the people and hand over any potential subversives. When Jesus was proclaimed the ‘Son of David’ by over enthusiastic supporters as he entered Jerusalem, the Temple authorities were worried. When he ‘threw out the money changers’ in the Temple they were even more alarmed and decided that he needed to be arrested and killed so as to prevent the Roman authorities destroying the place in their normal brutal way (John 11:45-49) They had to arrest Jesus at night because he was so popular amongst the people. So it wasn’t Israel or ‘the Jews’ that caused the death of Jesus but a small political clique who had their own partially self-interested and partially public-minded reasons. If Israel had not been an occupied country things might have turned out very differently.

    • So Moon was not an enlightened enough “Messiah” to keep all the anti-Semitism out of the DP from day one?

      Speaking for my comments, I only included theology as one example of the fact that the UC will deceive about anything so taking some CYA statement as the truth is silly. My issues with the UC have to do with its actions not its beliefs – even though those beliefs often prop up the excuses for the actions in the minds of the followers.

      A good example of that would be the UC fleecing widows and families in Japan. The UC is still having members arrested for these scams which have gone on for decades. The head of the UC in Japan resigned last year to take some of the heat off. The UC fully acknowledges that Japan is the primary source of its funds which it uses to run things like the Washington Times and the UPF. Though they claim the Korean church can now stand on its own even it had to be subsidized by the widows in Japan. Moon’s own “church” in the “Fatherland” couldn’t stand on its own feet after 60 years? Who knows what the truth is now that Hyun Jin is bragging that a former KCIA director is doing the UC books. But we do know the widows are one main source of cash for the UC, which is just beyond disgusting. It’s gone on for decades.

      Hyung Jin recently boasted about a Japanese family that sold everything they owned, even cashed in their children’s college fund to give to the deceptive Moon org. He was trying to show the rest of the world what a good member does. Hyun Jin admitted these Japanese families don’t want to do this and cry as they do it. Moon must be fed. The world must be conned. Hyun Jin admits that the UC has “dehumanized” the Japanese and they did.

      Now the ones who created the schism, Hyung Jin and Kook Jin, are using Mr. Goto as a recruiting tool. Even the Moon owned UPI and Fefferman admit that deprogramming is very rare in Japan today. Plainly, they are making it an issue now to take heat off the swindling case arrests of members in Japan and because Hyung Jin sees it as way, as he bluntly stated, to “shut up” critics when recruiting. The UC has abused and exploited the people of Japan long enough, why don’t you just pack up and leave those poor people alone? The widow’s claims have now topped one billion dollars and that is a small percent of the damages the UC has done to the people of Japan.

      But how can the “messiah” rationalize swindling widows to fund his political front in religious clothing? Theology. He says Japan is the “Eve” nation and as such must supply the Messiah with his cash. The members in Korea rationalize ripping off the Japanese as OK because they must pay indemnity for the Japanese occupation. Kind of like the Jews and Jesus.

      There is always an excuse for what Moon does. He is misquoted. Have affairs, children out of wedlock…those become “providential affairs.” Come on William snap out of it.

      Clearly, your members have learned the lessons as taught. How many examples like this can one find? Many. I read one from Yang just the other day that showed this same sentiment:

      Quoting a 30 year follower:

      While the people who died in the Holocaust were not personally guilty, they bore the price of the sin of their ancestors and countrymen, who killed Jesus, who was God’s ultimate champion to usher in God’s Kingdom on Earth. … Once the Jewish people paid the ultimate price of the Holocaust, God raised them up as a nation once again in 1948, after 2000 years of wandering in the wilderness as a people. …. Rev. Moon is saying that because the Jewish people killed Jesus, there was an historical basis for evil to attack them, and even God could not stop it. God permitted it. … The Holocaust was barbarism in return for barbarism. The Jewish people went from being the chosen people to hounded vagabonds due to their crime. …

      Quoting church leader Kwak: “Judaism committed a historical sin in front of Jesus, so Jewish people experienced the Holocaust under Hitler. Without God’s permission, would it really have been possible for Hitler to do such a massacre?” [The issue of the Holocaust, Islam and the causes of suffering – by Damian Anderson – August 27, 2007]

      William said: The other interesting point here is that Moon calls Jesus the True Parents. In other words he recognises him as at least an equal.

      BS, pure BS.

      Again we see the deceptive selective quoting and interpretation of Moon. Moon says Jesus didn’t just fail but that He knew the mission God had for him, He knew what He was supposed to do and couldn’t get the job done. I know too much to fall for the bs about how it wasn’t poor old Jesus’s fault. Moon doesn’t just put himself above Jesus and all religious leaders from the past but he claims Jesus SERVES Moon’s dead son in heaven/spiritworld. How disgusting. According to video of HoonDokHae Moon had one member read the Clouds and after the “letter from God” Moon said God sees Himself as sinner before him(Moon).

      Sure Moon says God is great but he also said recently that there is no longer any need to distinguish between “the visible True Parents” and the “invisible” God.

      The idea that Moon does not view himself as above Jesus and on a par with God is laughable. In fact he has said in ways he is better than God.

      I am sure you can find some quotes to sooth your mind on this but anyone who has read Moon’s speeches knows he sees himself as the greatest being to have walked the face fo the earth, you know that, don’t lie about it.


      Moon recognizes Jesus as an equal? hah That is why he now serves Moon’s dead son and needed Moon to marry Him to living woman to allow Him to enter heaven. Sure he sees Him as an equal, sure he does. You do not honestly believe that do you?

      BTW William, you and Robin are like all members who mean well but support a disgusting band of deception peddlers.

      The UPF is an example. I have read interviews with UPF officials and claims that the UPF is no closer to the UC than it is to any religion. That Moon just founded it blah blah blah… the usual deceptions, you know like the WT is “independent” of Moon’s plot. You know that is lie about the UPF. You know the UPF is seen as the integral part of Moon’s messianic plan to bring in the Kingdom of Moon. They actually call it the Kingdom of the Universal Peace Federation and placed UC leaders as “Chairman” of the UPF and use it to co-ordinate all fronts activities or that was the plan. Before the schismatic sons in Korea sent things all a twitter, it was the main Moon front to promote Moon’s agenda. It was the UC as he intended – in a world without religion it is to bring the “heavenly” law as Moon, MOON, defines it.

      Hyung jIn is constantly blowing the cover to the years of deceptions. He said recently that there is NO OTHER purpose for the UPF, WFWP, any Moon created front group, no other purpose than to promote Moon as the messiah.

      Do you tell that to everyone you get to help you push the UPF? I didn’t think so. Hyung Jin says you are to no longer “hide” behind front group names like FFWPU and UPF, are you down with that?

      So when you snag a Christian or a Muslim for a UPF event do you tell them that the purpose of the UPF is to promote Moon as the messiah? Do you tell them as Hyung Jin stated emphatically that Jesus, Mohammad (PBUH) and all of histories great saints and sages – all bow before Moon.

      Do you tell them that or do you tell them you are just about “peace”… hah

      • “Hyun Jin admits that the UC has “dehumanized” the Japanese and they did. ”

        should read “Hyung JIn”

      • Dear mw,
        Thank you for bringing up many challenging issues regarding UC. Your passion shows that fundamentally you are a caring person. Nevertheless, improving the quality of our discussion requires agreeing on basic terminology and standpoints. Hence, I’ll describe my own believes simply in hope that you can state yours as well. Knowing clearly what you believe in, will give your criticism more validity.
        Both my parents are holocaust survivors who have gone through the worst imaginable experiences. Growing up as a second generation, I thought that one should make sure such horrors never happen again to the Jewish people. When I grew up I realized that this will be difficult to achieve unless this desire will expand to include all people without exception.
        In my search for a life view that can help create a world were no holocaust can ever occur again to any people, I came across Father Moon’s teachings. I found in them an incredible spiritual resource that has changed my life. My realizations which are now my set of believes, in short, are:
        God is our loving parent, the universe has both spiritual and physical aspects, human beings were created to bring joy to God and one another, the family is the school of love, our first human ancestors fell through illicit sexual love relations which brought deformity to their spirit and allowed Satan (a fallen archangel) to take control over human affairs, mankind has to take responsibility to restore his position to the original state before the fall, God is sending the Messiah whose mission is to open the door of salvation to all mankind, the messianic role can be fulfilled only by a couple since it requires rebirth, Jesus was sent as the first Messiah but was prevented from accomplishing his mission, Father and Mother Moon were sent as the second Messiah and are in a process of accomplishing this mission by giving the Blessing to all of mankind.
        While this may be a bit short list, it gives you a clear view of here I stand. Now, in my understanding belonging to UC or not, is not the issue, and thus defending or attacking it will not merit us (you and I) much. What will then? Following our conscience! Our conscience is our greatest teacher and knows all about us, even before God does. So at the end, we all have to stand before our conscience and give an honest answer: have we lived righteously, have we loved others?
        Among the UC members there are great and remarkable brothers and sisters who can stand proudly before their conscience, and unfortunately there are those among them who cannot, just like in any other community.
        Dear mw, what a wonderful lesson Jesus taught us when challenging us to look inside before casting the first stone. Please try to lead a good and exemplary life, build a wonderful loving family and let’s work together to make this world a better place. If you have done so already – blessed you are, if not yet, there is still time. If you completely reject my set of believes, a rather realistic possibility, than I propose conducting a civilized discussion free of hate and ridicule. After all, every set of believes may seem illogical irrelevant and even superstitious to someone who is holding a completely different set…
        God Bless
        Your brother

  8. Hi mw, I’ll just respond to a few of your statements first and then move on to look at the apparently anti-Semitic material which I am more interested in.

    I agree with you that the sort of things that go on in Japan are wrong and I have often criticised these activities and the theology behind it myself. I wish Japanese members wouldn’t allow themselves to be treated in this way. On the other hand when one talks to some of them they seem to find value in such a spirituality. And when one looks around the religious world one can find similar sorts of practices. Still, I was also disgusted by Hyung Jin extolling the actions of that Japanese member. A Japanese friend of mine says that after Moon passes away they will stop bankrolling the movement.

    I don’t read Moon’s speeches as religiously as you appear to. I read them from time to time but don’t think something is true because he says it. However he does have some interesting insights into many things. I agree that the UC seems to be on the road to ignoring its own Christology and adopting a Nicene theology with respect to Moon which is a nice irony.

    I also think there are all kinds of mixed motivations with the different organisations, some sincere, some with ulterior motives. But that is human nature. Many churches have been accused of doing similar things when they have set up schools in countries with the hope that children attending them will convert for example. I think you really ought to get out and about and look into a wide variety of other religious institutions too.

    I don’t say Jesus and others have bowed down to Moon as I have no reason for believing this. Does Jesus serve his dead son? No idea but I think Jesus probably serves everyone because I think that is the kind of person he is. Do I think his dead son is greater than Jesus. Nope. There is no comparison between dying in a car accident and being unjustly crucified. I don’t think anyone in the spiritual world is greater than Jesus or comes anywhere near him. Is Moon greater than Jesus? In terms of love and character no. In terms of accomplishment in this world I think Moon has been able to do more because he was lucky enough not to be killed although he had some very close brushes with death.

    As to the quotes from Damian Anderson, thank you for drawing this to my attention. I looked them up and have to conclude his statements are crude, ignorant, illiterate and anti-Semitic. I will write to him and tell him so myself. It is a sad reality that most human beings all around the world seem to be anti-Semitic. Anti-Semitism in developing countries, where there are few if any Jews, is particularly virulent. Usually it remains unspoken but sometimes comes out in the odd sneering, demeaning, racist comment here or there. For a long time it also took the form of discrimination, persecution and segregation and sometimes spilled over into terrible violence. One can find the sort of anti-Semitism, and worse, espoused by Anderson in the writings of all churches and many religions. It is only recently that most churches have finally decided to repudiate it and admit that it contributed to an environment which enabled the Holocaust to take place. It has to be said though, that there has not been a lot of genuine repentance, which is why anti-Semitism is still alive and well, this time disguised as rejection of the right of the state of Israel to exist. So, yes, one finds pockets of unreconstructed anti-Semitism in the Unification Church too, this time garbed in the clothes the Divine Principle and a particular construal of Moon’s words. I think however that what has happened is that people have wittingly or unwittingly read anti-Semitism into the DP. I think a detailed analysis of the DP and Moon’s words in toto would show they are not anti-Semitic. I have done this with the New Testament which I also do not think is anti-Semitic if properly understood – one needs to recognise that the disputes in the NT are all intra-Jewish and not Jewish vs. Christian or Jesus vs. the Jews. Unfortunately as is well known many Christians have read their own anti-Semitism into the NT.

    One also needs to take account of the circumstances in which the Divine Principle was discovered and formulated: Korea in the 1940s and 1950s was very backward, lacking the sort of sophisticated understanding of such matters common today in the West. The Christian churches attended by Moon were probably as anti-Semitic as all churches were in those days. It was only after the Holocaust that churches in Europe started to re-evaluate their teaching on Judaism and repudiate anti-Semitism. It wasn’t until 1965, at Vatican II, that the very belated but ground breaking Nostra Aetate was published which began the change in the attitude of the churches to Jews. When Moon moved to the USA he became aware of these issues and rapidly responded to the accusations of anti-Semitism by producing the statement repudiating it which is published above. You are entitled to see it as something devious, but I think you should judge such matters by comparing like with like. In 1975 there were many mainstream established churches which hadn’t even begun to evaluate their relations with Jews let alone issue statements. And their record on theological and actual anti-Semitism was far worse than that of Moon and the Unification Church. Even today the Catholic Church is trying to deal with this problem in the form of Bishop Williamson. So considering its Korean background the Divine Principle is actually quite progressive and liberal. I also suggest you read some Holocaust theology by people such as Maybaum, Fackenheim, Rubenstein and Berkovits and see how Jews themselves have struggled to make sense of the Shoah. In fact Jews have been engaged in his sort of exercise since the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD – trying to reconcile their belief in God and his everlasting covenant with their experience of suffering and the Diaspora.

    Maybe one day someone will try to develop a theology of the Holocaust based on the DP. It will be much longer than the odd sentence or two you have picked out which can be interpreted in several different ways. Since you have dredged up Rabbi Rubin’s very hostile interpretation of the DP I guess someone needs to get around to producing an alternative reading. You of course would see this as deceptive but this is what all religious scholars, Jews, Christians, Muslims and others, have always done with their scriptures – re-interpreting them in the light of new discoveries and insights.

  9. Nice reply William. You will serve Moon and his deceptive organization well in years to come. It is also a lengthy bunch of rationalizations that don’t hold water.

    First of all, Anderson’s remarks are not just a reflection of what Moon says but also of Moon’s “church” leaders also. I have read them from other UC leaders that may not be as crude but have the same meaning. Note that Kwak was included by him as back up.

    I imagine Damian will scrub it and the rest of you will act like it never happened. I am also sure you will take our discussion here and improve your rationalizations. I think Schanker calls that “tightening up.” The UC is always changing skins because its skin is no good.

    For a minute I thought you were going to just admit your movement was a criminal organization, apologize and be done with it but…kind of like Kook Jin before he changed in mid sentence to attacking the government of Japan in this trumped up and overblown fight against deprogramming that your own organization admits is very rare today. But the org needs a deceptive diversion from the scamming and a recruiting tool to deceive people with.

    WH: I wish Japanese members wouldn’t allow themselves to be treated in this way.

    Allow? ALLOW!!?

    YOU know damn well the Japanese people we are talking about are systematically manipulated, deceived and conned by the UC. It’s your leaders, central figures, pushing these cons as they have for decades. As I showed and you admit, it is your “theology” that is used as to rationalize it and you want to blame the people of Japan? Disgusting. You also know that the organization doesn’t just swindle people; they pressure their own followers into breaking the law. As the lawyer’s association fighting these scams state, the members who pull off the scams for UC are as much victims of the UC as those who are scammed.

    Tactics may change but here is the typical way it was done for years:

    Have you ever seen the video of UC leaders ordering, pressuring, and demanding that Japanese members sign over their assets to the UC? It is sad but that is the kind of thing you get with an org rooted in deception and in need of cash.

    This isn’t just some side activity, it is how the UC has done it for decades and of course they know it. You don’t make billions scamming people and not know how you do it. It will be interesting to see if the police in Japan release some of the documents, the guide books, reports say they took in the raids.

    You know what the UC does. First they deceptively befriend a widow. Then they use all the UC tools, the video and the bs lines they have developed over the years, to convince the person that Moon and his band of swindlers have control/influence in the spiritworld. They convince them, after an elaborate con game, into believing that by playing ball with the UC(ie turn over all their assets to them) the victim can make their passed away and living loved ones safe. They tell them the UC can stop the torment. which the UC first convinces them their loved ones is going through, then get them to turn over their assets. Of course you also have the new members who are hit up to sell everything. The UC plays on the culture of the Japanese people. If it was the USA that had that culture, that tight affinity to their deceased love ones, the UC would be scamming just the same in the USA if they could get away with it.

    That is what they con these people into thinking and it isn’t just some mush heads or “superstitious” people, it is people who have been systematically manipulated. It isn’t some mistake or a few bad apples or rogue UC players doing the fleecing as some members will lie to themselves and say.

    WH: I wish Japanese members wouldn’t allow themselves to be treated in this way.

    Mind boggling.

    The UC could stop it tomorrow if their leaders would come out and ADMIT their wrongdoing, apologize, give, I don’t know, maybe about ten billion to a fund to help pay back the victims and then maybe keep sending a few billion a year to the nation of Japan to keep paying the victims and create programs to educate people against getting involved with groups like the UC. That would just be a start.

    Then your leaders should order their scamming followers to just pack up and leave the poor people of Japan alone. You have abused them long enough.

    WH: On the other hand when one talks to some of them they seem to find value in such a spirituality.

    William, can you not see how sad that statement is? Are you incapable of understanding or have you no empathy for these people who have been manipulated. They have been conned out of their cash and lives. That statement is as absurd as saying “Oh, look at the wonderful couple that Father matched. He is wonderful.” Man, don’t you know enough about people to know they are resilient? Of course you will find some who love it. Some people find living in prison the way to go. These people have been abused. “Dehumanized” as Hyung Jin put it. Have you ever seen an abused wife say her husband isn’t so bad? That she “loves” him.

  10. WH: And when one looks around the religious world one can find similar sorts of practices.

    That’s what’s called “but my religion isn’t any worse than theirs” defense. Not so powerful when you claim the messiah as your leader. More of a diversion than an argument.

    WH, let me make you aware of something. Your “church” was created by a living, breathing “Messiah.” Based on your comments, you may think he is a liar but he claims to speak for God. You do not belong to a couple thousand year old organization with a billion members. I know the UC lies about its membership figures but you know it is small by world religion standards. Hyung Jin says only 16,000 in Korea. You belong not to just a small tightly nit group but your organization is set up with a hierarchy of “central figures” who hand down the instructions. Members may feel free but you also know the ones who believe do as they are told as best they can.

    You do not get pass today because some church did something wrong a 1000 years ago. You don’t get a pass because you are “large” and things happen in a “large” organizations. Not when they are as tightly run as the UC.

    We are to think that even though your organization is supposed to be run by the second coming and his apostles, if you will, they just make a bunch of mistakes like swindling widows out of billions?

    You don’t get to tell people that when your messiah knew the man he believed was possessed with his dead son’s spirit, the one how was traveling around the world chaining members to radiators and beating them half to death as Moon cheered him on as in Cleopas’ case, that the messiah just “whoops’d”.

    You don’t get a pass because there were anti Semitic churches years ago – yours is supposed to be NOW. Your leader is supposed to speak for God and be able to see the past and the future, see all your lineage right? Or is that another one you don’t buy into? Your leader is the one your org claimed it did not pray to him, but now you do.

    You do not get a pass because some other group does something wrong today. You do not get to claim that such things as systematic swindling is wrong but “hey, the Catholics sold indulgences.”

    That is deception at its worst.

    If Jesus Christ actually was alive today I would say the same things to Him or any of His believers if they acted like this. But He is not alive and His usurper runs a money laundering power hungry political front. Did you ever see Emperor of the Universe? The lady who described how she was asked to lie?


    Narrator: She says the moonies encouraged her to lie to her mother on the phone – not telling where she really was.

    CM: But it was just important whatever I told her that I did not tell her that I was involved with the Unification Church.

    Interviewer: And they were perfectly happy for you to lie.

    CM: Oh, I was encouraged to lie. I was asked to lie. end

    What thinking human being would want any part of this organization unless he or she is deceived into it or raised in it from childhood, reared in the lies and constant rationalizing. Providential affairs? Come on William.

    This is supposed to be the fruits of the messiah? Lying! Swindling! Beatings! Exploitation! We haven’t even touched upon the funding and support the UC gave torturing dictators like Stroessner. Now there is some “fruits” for you. Ask Dr. Martin Almada what he thinks of the UC.

    How about poaching? You know when the UC was made to pay 500 grand to keep from being prosecuted? The spinners for Moon claimed he had no knowledge of the shark operation or that anything he may have known was just a couple of old fisherman shooting the breeze.

    What do you think? Listen to it.

    You present yourself as a cafeteria Moon follower, you just pick and choose what you like and admit some of the DP is wrong or misguided. You want to just modify it and make it work for you, anyway you can?

    WH: However he does have some interesting insights into many things.

    I don’t say Jesus and others have bowed down to Moon as I have no reason for believing this. Does Jesus serve his dead son? …Blah blah blah Jesus serves everyone.

    You really jump through hoops to make it work don’t you? Must be tiring.

    You have a few more statements like this:

    WH: Do I think his dead son is greater than Jesus. Nope. …

    I read them from time to time but don’t think something is true because he says it.

    First, I know UC members pride themselves in not being zombies for Moon. I appreciate your view but that is NOT what your organization, your messiah teaches.

    You have several statements that show that you do not believe what Moon says. Excuse me if I find that more than odd and have to wonder what it takes to rationalize supporting the org. You do know that your messiah, your church leaders and your occult leader in charge of cleaning up your lineage for cash, the one who channels Moon’s wife’s dead mother, say that Moon’s speaks for God. Moon says his every word is what God wants. Moon’s words are the “Heavenly Law” for the Kingdom.

    What you are saying is that you are following a man who claims to be the messiah, the greatest being to walked the face of the earth who SPEAKS for God, and you don’t buy what he says?

    That is rich and a great way to dodge what he and the UC are about. Just say you aren’t buying the more disgusting aspects of your Messiah’s message and accept what you choose. If we were talking about some old philosophy book by any old philosopher, I would understand but we are not talking about that.

    Whether you want to admit it or not, that would mean you are calling him a fraud. Can’t you see that?

    I mean you are saying that the man who God and Jesus chose to save the world is screwing with you.

    Now I can appreciate that you find the DP a ideology/philosophy as you interpret it to be helpful, but transfer that into pushing, promoting and supporting the man who you believe to be either a liar or fraud is a bit much.

    Why would anyone who has not been deceived at some point have anything to do with the organization? Even you know it is full of crap and false teaching. Maybe if you are like some who say they never felt they could find a mate without joining, those I can see but they certainly aren’t who I would view as credible.

  11. mw, you make all sorts of inaccurate assumptions about me and my relationship to Moon and the Unification Church, but I will let that pass.

    You also make many unfounded assumptions about the Unification Church. I don’t know how widely travelled you are or how many different churches you have visited because the picture you paint is full of unjustified generalisations and other sloppy thinking. It is a pity as you obviously are very upset about the injustice you have heard about and maybe experienced yourself. But life is generally not black and white and the Unification Church like all human institutions is flawed; a mixture of good and bad. Just as one reads about the sexual abuse in the very hierarchical and disciplined Roman Catholic Church that doesn’t mean all or even most priests are paedophiles. I would imagine only a tiny proportion are or have been and the extent of the problem seems to vary from country to country. In the same way there are plenty of radicalised Muslims around some of whom turn to terrorism. But that doesn’t mean all Muslims are potential terrorists. Students of Islam recognise that their are many Islams; that it is a very diverse faith with many different cultural, theological and national expressions. The same can be said of any religion that is represented on a worldwide level: it takes different local forms. Or maybe you are aware of a perfect religious institution free from corruption, abuse, sin etc.

    I know the Unification Church in quite a few countries and have found that each is quite distinct. Indeed I don’t think there is such an entity as the Unification Church but many Unification Churches. Each has its own character which is a largely a reflection of the strengths and weaknesses of the predominant nationality. For example, it is well known that the Korean and Japanese churches are very different in attitude, culture and even ecclesiology. In Japan it is common for a church leader to be called a central figure or Abel figure but the use of such terminology in Korea is almost unheard of. This distortion and misunderstanding of the Cain/Abel relationship which has allowed the dreadful oppressive practices you refer to to happen has been criticised a number of times by Moon. This is why I said, “I wish Japanese members wouldn’t allow themselves to be treated in this way.” At some point they need to liberate themselves from their distinct Japanese misinterpretation of the DP. Moon himself teaches that conscience is above parents, teachers, God and of course himself and that one should never go against one’s conscience. This of course is a very Christian understanding which may be hard for them to grasp and practise.

    The lying business. I agree with you, it is wrong. But I can also give you chapter and verse on Martin Luther advocating the telling of lies for the sake of the church and the Catholic doctrine of strict mental reservation. Again, flawed institutions full of flawed people with human nature which tends to try to justify and cover up things that are patently wrong.

    As to anti-Semitism again. There are a number of major Christian denominations which are very anti-Semitic today such as the Russian Orthodox Church. I leave you to do your own research on this one but it does lead to Jews being mistreated because they are Jews. I don’t think you will find any recorded instances of Unification Church members involved in anti-Semitic incidents. Incidentally, if you have all these anti-Semitic quotes from UC leaders please post them. I think you will find they consist of the odd sentence or two like the ones from Kwak which can be interpreted different ways and need to be understood in a fuller theological context.

    Do I think Moon is the messiah? Yes. Do I think he knows everything. No. Do I think he makes mistakes? Yes. Do I think he should always be obeyed? No. Do I think he knows how to run an organisation properly? No. Do I agree with everything he says? No. Do I think he is the way you think I think he is supposed to be? No. Sorry if I don’t fit into the box you seem to think I ought to occupy. Life I am afraid is just a lot more complicated than you seem to think. You can attribute all sorts of motivations to people like myself but they don’t resonate. You bring up important issues and problems that do exist and do need to be addressed and dealt with and not covered up. But your approach is a little immature and by trying to tar everything with the same brush you merely portray yourself as someone I would not ‘view as credible.’

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