Ambassadors for Peace: UPF and UN

From the Nigeria Daily Sun:

The desire for the promotion of world peace recently brought Christian clergymen and traditional religionists together as the United Nations Universal Federation of Peace installed the Head of Ogboni Aborigine Fraternity Worldwide, Oba Bolaji Naibi, as Ambassador for Peace.

…The occasion was a spectacle as Bishop (Dr.) A. J. Osamuyi, who is the African Director of the world, decorated Oba Naibi with a cape on which Ambassador for Peace was boldly written at the Massey Auditorium, Afromedia area of Okokomaiko in Lagos.

The bishop was assisted in the investiture rites by members of his entourage which included Bishop (Dr.) I.J.K Idiareh and Bishop (Dr.) Igoma, all representatives of the peace federation in Africa.

Alas, there is no picture of the cape. I have been unable to find out which denomination the bishops are from, but they do not appear to be either Roman Catholic or Anglican. There are various Ogboni Fraternities, which promote aspects of Yoruba religion, but “Oba Naibi” does not have much internet presence, and his name as given seems to incorporate honorifics.

There’s a bit of confusion here, though: the Universal Peace Federation is recognised as an NGO by the United Nations, but the UPF’s “Ambassador for Peace” awards are its own affair, and nothing to do with the UN’s “Goodwill Ambassadors”, who are also known as “Messangers of Peace” and often described in the media as “Ambassadors for Peace”.

However, one doubts the UPF will be rushing to put the record straight. As was noted in a 2001 paper entitled “Rev. Moon and the United Nations: A challenge for the NGO community”, by Harold Payne and Birgit Gratzer:

…The Moon organization has used the UN for conferences and for publicity events. Moon has held a mass-wedding in a UN conference room. A new Moon-sponsored “umbrella group”, known as the World Association of NGOs (WANGO), proposes itself as an authentic voice of the NGO community…


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