Moon Praised at UN Day of Families

The Baltic Review reports:

More than 400 UN diplomats, Ambassadors, NGO representatives, and faith leaders gathered at the United Nations Headquarters May 18, 2009 to celebrate the UN International Day of Families, in an event organized by the Universal Peace Federation and sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Guinea, with additional sponsorship from the Permanent Missions of Ethiopia, Iraq, Nigeria, Qatar, Sudan, and the African Union.

None other than Deepak Chopra gave the keynote address, and later Moon was praised by name:

…Closing remarks were given by Dr. Ki Heun Kim, Co-Chair of UPF. “It is important to note that for years, the UPF Founder, Dr. Sun Myung Moon, has stressed that we are in an age where the leadership of women is of paramount importance,” he said. “Moreover, all religions and traditions share the same core values, especially about the family. We need to learn from all of them if we are to establish a world of peace. This is why the UPF has summarized its message as one simple phrase,’One Family Under God.'”

Apparently there were events in 22 nations.


3 Responses

  1. More and more people with influential positions in the world are following the Rev. Moon. Meanwhile, several of his followers who joined his Unification Church have left and revealed inside stories telling of their frustration with the religion.

    It is my understanding that Rev. Moon has become more and more focused on reaching external goals and that his religious values have lost most of its depth.

    I discovered your blog and shall keep an eye on it from now on. Your information is much appreciated!

    I started a blog some time ago exclusively reporting on the movement of Sun Myung Moon. Feel free to browse for any information you can use.

    Lover of Truth

    • As my friend Lover of Truth knows full well; I was given the job to restore Moon back to the position he was in before he married and then went through that adulterous run of affairs with Bo Hi Pak and the two out-of-wedlock children and all the rest: but to have Rev. Moon surrender to me at this point even though I could have my Father Jesus at that point grant him immortality is very likely not going to happen.

      Thus I will become the Messiah by default; not quite the way I planned it; the situation will be as when John the Baptist who Lord Jesus had baptize him in John’s place as the Sacrifice heard John was dead: thus Lord Jesus went back to the position of the Messiah: but John died for nothing; like Rev. Moon is about to do.

      Rev. Moon is John the Baptist; but he was put in the position of a Joseph “over the House” as is said of him in the Gospel when talking of the “Faithful and Wise Steward” that Rev. Moon was: the “meat in due season” this “Joseph” brought us in our famine for the Word of God was his book “Divine Principle”; which no one outside of the Unification Church ever read: except me; of course.

      I wish Lover of Truth well; one of the few with integrity at all in this last disillusionment which is the last illusion of all: only those with True Love can overcome the bitterness of seeing so much injustice in the world and not becoming bitter: and thus break;

      ……. only they who love to the End truly can stand; by loving they endure until the End: for they who abide in Love abide in God my father’s servant John said long ago;

      Bless ye in the Name of my Father Jesus

  2. unity between the Abrahamic brothers,michual respect,
    michual recognition between Arabs& Israeal, between
    juish& Christean&Moslems.
    One Family under God

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