Israelis and Palestinians for Moon

From HometownAnnapolis:

Raymond J. Mas of Odenton, along with 13 other Americans, returned home Christmas Eve after a six-day tour – a bridge-building mission to the Holy Land…The trip was organized by the Middle East Peace Initiative…

Participants in the initiative’s peace-building conferences have included civic leaders of Israeli cities such as Yona Yahav, who is mayor of Haifa; Dr. Eliezer Glaubach, former Jerusalem city councilman; Sheik Aziz Bukhari, a Muslim leader in Jerusalem; Naila Kharroub, principal of Dar Al-Kalima High School in Bethlehem; and Abouna Hatoum, a Melkite Catholic priest from Nazareth.

“When the high-level Ambassadors for Peace continue to come from all faiths and all nations, it gives us strength to overcome all barriers. We feel the world is supporting our efforts to end violence and promote dialogue and understanding,” said Mr. Bukhari, whose family has lived in Jerusalem’s Via Dolorosa for 300 years.

The Rev. Hatoum said, “Ambassadors for Peace do not ‘talk’ about peace, we do the work of peace; we ‘do’ the peace.”…


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