Son of Rev Moon Talks to International Politicians at UK Parliament

Ugandan journalist Robert Egwea reports from the UK Parliament, where a committee room recently hosted a “Plenary Session of the International Leadership Conference”. Egwea reports that the event was opened by David Anderson MP, and attendees included Amjad Al Majid (a Jordanian MP), Ahmad Tejan Kabbah (a former president of Sierra Leone), Anton Rop (a former Prime Minister of Slovenia), Ida Betty Odinga (Chair of the League of Kenya Women Voters and wife of Raila Odinga), and Marcus Braybrooke (World Congress of Faiths). The Georgian Times adds the detail that “Dalila Khorava, the Minister of Healthcare of autonomous republic of Abkhazia” was also planning to attend.

Also present, of course, was Hyun Jin Moon, the son of Rev Moon, who emphasised his “One Family Under God” message.

I noted Kabbah back in May, after he gave a surprising speech in which he appeared to endorse Unification Church theology and Rev Moon’s claims to special spiritual significance. David Anderson at an International Leadership Conference in Kenya in August.


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