Lib Dem Home Affairs Spokesman to Share Stage with Rev Moon’s Son

The Guardian reports on tomorrow’s big event:

The Global Peace Festival, at the Excel Centre in the London docklands, is expected to attract thousands of activists from across Europe and features addresses from Preston Moon, the third son of the church’s founder, and Tom Brake, the Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman.

Brake, however, is hedging his bets:

“I don’t see eye to eye with their views but I don’t see any particular problem with speaking at their event, especially if it gives me an opportunity to challenge what Rev Moon advocates.”

We look forward to Brake’s theological critique of Unificationism.

Apparently some other British politicians have declined to involve themselves with the Universal Peace Federation:

Earlier this year, Shahid Malik, the minister for international development, pulled out of a Commons meeting organised by the UPF after learning of its links to the church. Julia Goldsworthy, the Lib Dem MP for Falmouth and Camborne also withdrew once she too became aware of the connection.


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