Global Peace Festival Reps at Downing Street “Peace Week” Meeting

22 November will see the London “Global Peace Festival“, one of several events that have been held around the world over the past few months. The Festival’s slogan is “One Family Under God”, and it is being organised by the Universal Peace Federation. The UK Global Peace Festival has an official blog, which explains why one of its representatives was at Downing Street:

They say that “opportunity knocks” and hence it came to be that we were knocking on the door of the Primeminister, Gordon Brown, one very wet and unexpected London evening. GPF Social Impact Project partner, Rev. Canon George Ausah, was invited to attend the Peace Week event at the Primeminister’s residence that same very morning and kindly agreed to meeting up with me there.

Networking events like this are vital to the ongoing process that is Global Peace Festival and it is encouraging to know that individuals, peace activists and NGOs are being invited and recognised at the highest level.

Once again the value of working in partnership is clear!

“George Ausah” is actually Canon George Ansah, a Church of England clergyman based in South London. Apparently he is an “Ambassador for Peace”, which means that he has been given a certificate signed by Rev Moon – a man who believes that Jesus failed and that churches should remove crosses.

Here’s a video from the recent Washington D.C. Festival, including a speech by Rev. Moon’s son:

And just for fun, here’s Rev. Moon’s famous 1997 Washington Times address:


One Response

  1. Moon’s seemingly altruistic campaign for “one world under God” seems harmless enough and indeed appears n many ways admirable. Yet the truth is, as I know from having been a follower of Sun Myung Moon from 1976 to 1986, when Moon speaks of “one world under God” he really means “one world under ME!” Moon’s goal remains to create a theocracy in which his own teachings absorb and conflate all other religious teachings into one universal doctrine of which he is the prime interpreter and sole source. Nevertheless, as Moon ages, it becomes less and less likely that this theocratic vision will ever be realized. Moon’s son, in the speech of which excerpts were shown here, is using the same style of speechifying his father has often used (though with better English pronunciation) clearly with the intention of inheriting his father’s mantle. His speech in Washington was intended to echo Moon’s own speech at the Washington Monument in 1976, which is regarded as a landmark event (in more than one sense) by Moon’s followers. Still, is it possible that Moon’s rallies could actually produce greater peace and unity among races and nations, despite his theocratic intentions? I doubt it, but can’t deny that his rallies now seem like harmless diversions rather than ominous signs of any progress being made towards Moon’s goals. It should not be forgotten that the racial unity expressed at the Washington, D.C. rally is often undermined by Moon’s own Washington Times newspaper, which relentlessly and unreasonably attacks Barack Obama and often seems to be the mouthpiece of unreconstructed Confederate revivalists. Are the African American leaders who are delighted by the money Moon’s organization advances to permit them to give speeches at his rallies and conferences aware of this contradictory tendency of their benefactor? I doubt it.

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