Nation of Islam at UPF Mongolia Festival

An article from Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, “wife” (1) of Elijah Muhammad, concerning a visit she made recently to Mongolia. Muhammad was in the country to research her relationship to Kublai Khan (“revealed to me in a vision in 1984”), but due to synchronicity and telepathy her visit coincided with the Universal Peace Federation’s  International Leadership Conference and Global Peace Festival:

Representatives from the Unification Church leadership and Universal Peace Federation having learned of my vision and search in finding the interpretation of this vision had first opened the doors to my investigations and my most recent discoveries in Mongolia.

…I was told several years ago before the first organized visit of the Unification Church to Mongolia, giving way to this extraordinary event of this month that I had been shown the significance of Mongolia years before the present hour and before the Reverend and Mrs. Moon began to mention the important genetic link between the Peoples of the Mongolian Nation in the geneology of the rest of the world. Recently, I was told by visiting dignitaries from the Unification Church at the office and Residence of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in Chicago that one of the sons of Reverend and Mrs. Moon also had a vision similar to my own concerning a peace concert and festival several months prior to its inauguration by the Chairman of the Global Peace Fest, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon in Washington, D.C. on August 9th. I had no idea until my recent travel to Mongolia that I would be participating as a guest of the Global Peace Fest planned in Mongolia and that my ticket for travel was arranged to arrive in the exact timing of its program schedule set for the evening of September 9th in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Nor did I know that I would meet the exact son who was carrying this vision.

Apparently she received “gifts and awards” during the festival.

For reasons unknown, the article begins with a Koranic quote about the crucifixion of Jesus being an illusion, and ends with a verse that mentions “the iniquity of the Jews”.

The links between the NoI and the Unification Church are long-standing; Frederick Clarkson wrote a piece on the subject for Salon back in 2000. I noted Unification Church attendance at one NoI event here.


(1) The NoI teaches that Elijah Muhammad is still alive (Louis Farrakhan claims to have received confirmation aboard a UFO), so she’s not seen as his widow. Also, their marriage was apparently unofficial.


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