UPF Meeting in Mongolian Parliament

The Philippines Enquirer reports:

Former Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr. has added his voice to the calls to stop the fighting in Mindanao and urged the revival of the peace talks with the Moro secessionist rebels

…De Venecia, addressing some 400 international political and civil society leaders in the Mongolian parliament, also talked about the peace efforts in the South Caucasus between Georgia and Russia.

The leaders were gathered in the Mongolian capital by the Economic Peace Council of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF).

De Venecia has long-standing links to the UPF, and he has explicitly praised Rev Moon.

Further details of the meetings appear on the UPF website; it comes in the wake of a “Global Peace Festival”:

…In addition to widespread civic action, the Universal Peace Federation is committed to leadership education as an important step in bringing peace. The International Leadership Conference was attended by 250 delegates from 38 nations, including more than 20 former heads of state and senior government ministers from central Asia and Oceania. “We need to find a better way to choose better leaders,” said the Hon. Stanislav Shushkevich, former president of Belarus and a member of the UPF Presiding Council, “and this peace education initiative can be an important first step.”

I discussed Shushkevich’s links to the UPF (which are used against him by Belarus dictator Lukashenko) here.


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