Global Peace Festival in Washington

One of this year’s “Global Peace Festivals” has taken place in Washington; the Washington Times reports:

The festival, held on the West Lawn of the Capitol, represents the launch of a long-term initiative by more than 150 faith- and community-based organizations to advocate for peace and unity worldwide.

…Speakers included D.C. civil rights activist and former D.C. Delegate Walter E. Fauntroy and GPF Chairman Hyun Jin Moon, son of Unification Church founder the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

…Among the organization partners are the Humanities Council in the District, the Interfaith Consortium, the Greater Washington Urban League, the Universal Peace Federation and the Points of Light Institute.


2 Responses

  1. The report quoted from the Moon-owned Washington Times makes it sound like the Global Peace Festival was an initiative put together by a variety of organizations. But in truth, all of the initial impetus and most of the money came exclusively from Moon’s organizations, with the others being merely junior partners who were invited to join in at little cost to themselves in order to give the appearance that it is a broad-based effort rather than exclusively a Moon-backed festival. Contrast this to Moon’s “God Bless America” festival back in 1976 in which Moon, speaking at a rally at the base of the Washington Monument, proclaimed that Unificationism (his own religious sect) was the successor to Christianity and Judaism and would ultimately subsume them. Moon has obviously learned the lesson that people were turned off by the rallies he held in the 1970s when he blew his own horn, so now he seeks to achieve these same ends (which have not altered in 32 years) by subtler means and under the guise of alliances with other organizations. But, I repeat, his goal has not changed: Moon still believes that Unificationism should ultimately incorporate and absorb all of the world’s religions into itself and Moon himself should head them all.

  2. Moon is old. He is not the Messiah. He will die soon enough. And then there will be some ‘splainin’ to do.

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