UPF’s “South Caucasus Peace Initiative”

From the Georgian Times:

The recent Summit of GUAM in Georgia has reiterated the wish of its Member States – Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Moldova – to deal with the still unresolved conflicts in the South Caucasus. Moreover, this collective diplomacy tool could make Georgia a regional leader, by means of a pro-active approach to conflict resolution, including cooperation with non-government actors in international politics.One of these – Universal Peace Federation, an international world-wide NGO, which enjoys a consultative status with the UN ECOSOC, recently launched its new South Caucasus Peace initiative, aimed at contributing, by using a ‘people’s diplomacy’, to the resolution of one of the oldest conflicts in Eurasia, i.e. the one involving Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The author of the article, Vladimir Petrovsky, runs through the region’s problems and praises the work of “our Peace Ambassadors, a network of people of goodwill, devoted to enthusiastic and volunteer work for peace”. Among the goals is

To promote the concept of “Peace in Heart- Peace in Family – Peace in Society – Peace on the Planet”

Petrovsky is president of the Russian National Peace Council, and of the up-coming UPF-backed “Global Peace Festival” in Moscow. Petrovsky also backs Rev Moon’s plans to gain influence in the UN, as he explains in this gushing article:

An interreligious council at the United Nations, proposed by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, is of paramount importance for world politics.

..The idea of an interreligious council is an outgrowth of some of the essential elements of Rev. Moon’s teachings. For example, as he explains it, the Fall of Adam and Eve was caused by the misuse of love; this led subsequently to the murder of their son, Abel, by his elder brother, Cain. Thus, world peace requires that we restore two primary types of relationships: between men and women and between siblings.

Restoration of the relationship between men and women is related to the marriage Blessing ceremonies that Rev. Moon conducts. Restoration of the relationship between brothers, and, by extension, nations, religions, races, ethnic groups, etc., is rooted in Rev. Moon’s understanding of the Cain-Abel relationship. An “Abel-type” person or group is one who lives for the sake of others in order to bring about reconciliation, cooperation and peace.

UPDATE: Thank you to a reader who pointed out to me that the Vladimir Petrovsky who runs Comprehensive Dialogue Among Civilizations’ Association is a different person from the Vladimir Petrovsky mentioned above


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