UPF “Partners” in Washington Global Peace Festival

Westchester.com reports from Yonkers:

In 2007, a “drought” was claimed throughout food banks in America…To respond to this rising need, youth peace-builders working with the Global Peace Festival to launch an ongoing initiative called A Million Acts of Service and Kindness (millionacts.org), are coming out full force in the Yonkers community to host a city-wide food drive…

The Global Peace Festival (gpfusa.org) will be held on August 9th, at the D.C. Mall on Capitol Hill . There, powerful partners, like the United Way, Service for Peace, Points of Light and the Hands on Network and the Universal Peace Federation are rallying the families of America to cross barriers of culture, race and religion to forge a commitment of building a world of peace, “One Family Under God”…Some partners are the American Clergy Leadership Conference, Global Eco Living Associates, the Ambassadors for Peace, March for Peace, and many more.

The UPF, of course, is not just a “partner” in the Global Peace Festival: it is the directing force, and “One Family Under God” is a slogan meant to embody Rev Moon’s theology.


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