More UPF Advances in Philippines

From the Philippines Information Agency:

In Negros Oriental, UPF has awarded the following community leaders as Ambassadors for Peace: Negros Oriental State University President Dr. Henry A. Sojor, former Provincial Police Chief Col. Melvin Ramon G. Buenafe, Ajong High School Principal Dr. Rolando A. Pacarro, Science and Technology Institute Dumaguete Career Adviser Gregorio Baccay, Guihulngan Vice Mayor Caesar Macalua, Brgy. Candau-ay Councilor Patricia Funda, Bacong High School Teacher In Charge Ma. Georgina Donio, and Erwin Tindoc, teacher/adviser of Bacong High School.

One of the UPF’s best-known backers in the Philippines is the former (and now embattled) speaker of the Philippines House of Representatives, Jose de Venecia. De Venecia was at the recent Saudi-backed interfaith conference in Spain; the Arab News reported:

He presented a draft resolution calling on the conference to petition King Abdullah, King Juan Carlos of Spain and Spanish Premier Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to organize a joint Saudi-Spanish request to the UN for an Interfaith Council to promote and oversee “all global, regional and local interfaith dialogues among the great religions, civilizations, cultures, governments…to help resolve politico-religious, sectarian and ethnic conflicts and tensions in various parts of the world.”…The Filipino congressman’s support for religion as a foundation for peace rather than for conflict found strong backing among the participants.

This is, of course, one of Rev Moon’s prime objectives, as de Venecia himself made clear in a previous speech (as noted here):

One of the great missions of Rev. Moon is to see how we can bring about a unification of the great religions of the world…and under the leadership of Rev. Moon – I had the privilege to present to the Security Council last year – a resolution for a dialogue among civilizations, among religions, among cultures, for an interfaith dialogue and I am happy to report to you that the following month, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously approved our resolution calling for an interfaith dialogue among the great religions of the world.

I wonder if de Venecia mentioned Rev Moon to either Abdullah or Juan Carlos.


2 Responses

  1. Moon’s original vision, as he expressed it to me in his speeches when I was one of his followers in the late 1970s and the early 1980s, was to unify all religions under Moon’s own theology, which was set out in his arcane Biblical hermeneutical text, The Divine Principle. So Moon himself actually hopes to unite all religions under his own leadership and doctrine ultimately. However, it is possible that these inter-religious discussions may actually lead to some positive co-operation between faiths, with the ironic result that Moon’s megalomania proved useful after all.

  2. […] Venecia has long-standing links to the UPF, and he has explicitly praised Rev […]

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