Ambassador for Peace Turns Rogue

Oh dear – from the Sydney Morning Herald:

OSMAN SOFTIC is a man of peace and a man of love.

The imam is a scholar of theology, a former president of the Bosnian Islamic Council, and a leading member of the Universal Peace Federation.

Those who know him are at a loss to explain what happened last August when Softic invited his sister-in-law to look at a flat he was proposing to buy…Softic called her into the unit’s bathroom, grabbed her, and slammed her head three times against the porcelain basin so it cracked. Later he had strangled her on the lounge floor and left her for dead. Ms Resic woke up about four hours later, barely able to move, and eventually managed to call help…Facing charges of attempted murder, Softic has pleaded not guilty by reason of mental illness. He is also facing an alternative charge of causing grievous bodily harm…


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  1. woopsy daisy!

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