UPF to Build Football Stadium on Israel-West Bank “Green Line”

From the Jerusalem Post:

Land disputes with Israel’s neighbors may take a long time to resolve, but MK Shakib Shanan (Labor) hopes that talks held Thursday with Palestinian Authority officials over a small piece of turf will enable big strides in normalizing relations between Israelis and Palestinians.

…Shanan visited Ramallah on Thursday afternoon to gauge Palestinian support for a soccer stadium that its sponsors hope will help draw Palestinians and Israelis together on – literally – a level playing field.

The project is the brain-child of the Peace Dream Foundation and the Universal Peace Foundation…

[Shanan] became involved in the project shortly before he was appointed to the Knesset to replace former MK Efraim Sneh on May 28, when he traveled to South Korea to watch a woman’s soccer tournament sponsored by the Peace Dream Foundation.

In Korea, Shanan said he found large support for continued soccer-for-peace initiatives between Israelis and Palestinians, including from Dr. Chung Mong-Joon, head of the Korean Football Association.

It will not be a big surprise to learn that the “Peace Dream Foundation” used to be known as the “Sun Moon Peace Football Foundation”, and is yet another brainchild of Rev Moon. It organises a regular “Peace Cup” football tournament which has brought numerous foreign teams to South Korea.


One Response

  1. Although many of Moon’s peace initiatives sound like they are worth trying in a situation which has always seemed insoluble, it should not be forgotten that Moon has obtained most of the money that he is now expending solely in order to link his name to peace initiatives by defrauding widows in Japan of their savings. See this URL especially for information:

    Another way to get this information is to Google “spiritual sales”, Japan.

    Basically, the website reports that Moon has his Japanese followers go out and look for widows who have inherited their husband’s pensions and insurance money. These widows are then persuaded by Moon acolytes that if they buy a grossly overpriced item such as a marble vase, it will result in great spiritual blessings being given to their dead husband in spirit world. This is not the only but it is certainly one of the major sources of Moon’s wealth, and it might give people pause if they knew that much of the funds for building a football stadium came from this kind of fraud and undue influence being exerted upon the vulnerable and innocent.

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