UK Councillor Criticised for UPF Link

One from the UK, where the Watford Observer reports that a Liberal Democrat local councillor has has to fend off criticism after attending a UPF conference in Seoul:

Councillor [Janet] Baddeley…said she was invited through her peace work with the council, where she is a regular face at community events across the town. She also does a lot of volunteer work.

She said: “This particular organisation does a lot of good work in this country.

“Where I was in South Korea, I was mixing with senators, archbishops – different people from all round the world.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. I met people from all faiths and cultures. I learnt an awful lot.”

She said: “If they’re trying to say they’re the Moonies from the 1960s, that’s not right. It was about bringing communities together to learn about each other and work alongside each other.

“It may have been their ethos in the 1960s, but not now. They don’t come across as a cult now. They’re ordinary people with ordinary jobs.

Baddeley is of the view that those who have raised concerns are “trying to cause mischief.”

Actually, I agree with Baddeley’s view that the UPF attracts many decent and public-spirited people who wish to do good, and that Unificationists are indeed “ordinary people”. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the UPF exists primarily for the PR purposes of a man with a religio-political agenda which most people would find alarming. And if the UPF is simply about “bringing communities together”, why is it sponsoring the development of a breakaway Roman Catholic Church in Africa, led by the very clerics whom Baddeley met in South Korea?


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