UPF Holds “Kenya Unity Conference” in New Jersey

From the Kenyan Standard:

A US lawmaker has called on Kenya’s Coalition Government to make the fight against poverty and inequality a top priority.Congressman Donald Payne of New Jersey said if the Kenyan Government was to avoid a repeat of the violence witnessed late last year, then leaders must courageously and firmly deal with rampant poverty and unequal distribution of resources….The Kenya Unity Conference, organised by the Universal Peace Federation, in conjunction with several Kenyan Jersey-based civil society groups, was meant to initiate peace and reconciliation, not only among Kenyans back home, but also among those in the Diaspora.

Other sites call the event the “Kenyan Unity Conference”, and further details appear on this site:

Mayor Wayne Smith of Irvington spoke about peace and Mayor Sharon Robinson Briggs of Plainfield said “Unity is needed in the land for people to live in peace and respect each other, work amongst one another and stop killing one another”. Jersey City Deputy Mayor Kabili Tayari (Tayari-means ready in Swahili) represented Mayor Jeremiah Healy. Kenyans were given proclamation from each of these cities as a sign of recognizing peace.

The “proclamation” appears to have been “Ambassador for Peace” status, and a photograph shows participants holding “Ambassador for Peace” certificates. Although not mentioned in the article, these feature Rev Moon’s signature.

…Other Kenyan leaders, Zachary Moitui and KACA secretary Douglas Bonuke appealed to Kenyans to maintain peace and work as a team. KACA chairman Richard Maburi appealed to Kenyans to talk positive and attend meetings.

Back in February I noted how the UPF had organised “inter-religious peace prayers” in Uhuru Park in Kenya, to which various politicians had come.


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