Jamaican Newspaper Ponders Moon’s Influence

The Jamaica Observer has a report on the recent UPF Americas Summit, focusing on Rev Moon himself:

…That Moon was able to get the support of the group who attended the Washington conference is testament to the extent of his reach – this is a man who has spoken with presidents and rebel groups and who has organised peace walks in war-torn countries.

The warm welcome he gets in America today is a complete turnaround for a man who spent a brief time behind bars there because of a minor tax offence many years ago when he launched his peace mission in the United States. Then, he was regarded as an outsider with a strange message…

…The summit included a day trip to College Station Texas, where participants met with former US President George HW Bush, who was cited as a man who, during his time, gave a welcome focus to the South and Central American region…


One Response

  1. It is amusing that the Jamaica Observer would refer to Moon’s initial efforts to influence Americans as “when he launched his peace mission in the United States”, as if Moon had always been trumpeting the same alleged peace message that he now chooses to propagate for his own ends. In fact, Moon’s initial efforts in the United States were focussed on winning converts to the Unification Church which regards him as the Messiah. I was a member of the Unification Church from 1976 to 1986, and I know that Moon’s “peace mission” during that time consisted of a plan to have the world proclaim him Messiah and to create a world-wide theocracy centered on himself. Moon’s goal remains the same, but he now uses front groups like the Ambassadors for Peace who speak of peace in much more vague terms and who conveniently overlook Moon’s messianic ambitions.

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