Bush Snr Praises Moon at “Americas Summit”

The UPF website reports on “The Americas Summit “, held a few days ago in Washington D.C. Prominent guests included Felipe González (Prime Minister of Spain for 15 years), Julio María Sanguinetti (twice President of Uruguay), Jorge Fernando Quiroga (f0rmer President of Bolivia), and, inevitably, long-time Moon supporter George Bush Senior:

“This is not the time for America to be turning inward,” he said. “The United States needs to stand up and work for peace in the world, especially in the neighborhood of nations near to home. It is a matter of conscience, not just a concept. The challenges are more complex and more compelling than they were in the past, but they are so important we cannot afford to get them wrong. We need better solutions for issues like poverty and immigration and make sure that the successes of the past in the fight against drugs are not lost.”

“However, too many citizens these days are becoming disengaged at a time when we need more involvement, more debate, and more foreign exchanges,” he said. “That’s why the work of the Universal Peace Federation and The Washington Times is so important, and I thank Rev. Moon and salute all of you for coming here to address these urgent issues.”

(Hat tip: Dispatches from the Culture Wars)


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  1. Bush Senior knows not whereof he speaks. In arguing that Moon’s organizations serve the purpose of increasing engagement with vital public issues, whereas otherwise the trend is away from engagement, Bush is falling neatly into the trap of Unification logic, which argues that people will do Satan’s will unless they are tricked or manipulated into doing otherwise. A Unificationist thinks that engagement with “vital issues” means replacing ordinary thought and debate with Moon’s teachings and beliefs. A Unificationist’s prescription for apathy is a course in Moon’s Divine Principle followed by a fundraising or witnessing (i.e., recruiting) campaign to support Moon’s many organizations. In other words, the opposite of apathy, according to a Unificationist, is not vital public debate, but conformity to Moon’s teachings. This is actually what Bush 41 is unwittingly (or half-wittingly) advocating when he gives a speech supporting Moon’s organizations. I suspect he does this because he does not think that Moon will actually succeed in dominating American polity and he is grateful for Moon’s largesse in support of conservative causes, particularly in the matter of his creation and ongoing support of the Washington Times newspaper.

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