Ex-President of Sierra Leone: Moon Has “Come on Behalf of God”

The Sierra Leone Awareness Times carries a keynote address by former president Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, delivered at a recent UPF Leadership Conference in the country. Kabbah shows a remarkable familiarity with Moon’s theology and the rhetoric of the Unification Church. Some highlights:

…The emergence of the UPF was neither accidental nor easy. UPF developed as the outgrowth of 60 years of absolute commitment and sacrifice on the part of Rev. Moon. Throughout his entire life he has been dedicated to fulfilling God’s providence.

….What stood in his way? On the one hand, the existing religious foundation, and especially the mainstream Christian missionary leaders in Korea, could not, at that time [1945], open their eyes to grasp the heavenly significance of this man and his message. Like others in the past who persecuted the prophets, they failed to recognize the one who had come on behalf of God. Thus, he was misunderstood and rejected by the established powers.

…The most basic or essential part of this foundation was actually carried out in a realm not visible by human eyes or physical senses, that is, the spiritual world. The spiritual world is a real world. However, it is not observable by human eyes. It is the realm where God dwells. It is also the realm where our ancestors dwell. Finally, it is the realm where evil spirits also dwell. It was in this realm that Rev. Moon first had to achieve victory.

Through this process Rev Moon came to know that the original fall of humanity occurred through the breakdown of God’s ideal of marriage and family. That is, the love of men and women in marriage was corrupted. This is the true meaning of the biblical story of the Fall of Adam and Eve.

…The rise of the UPF is directly linked to a moral and spiritual awakening on a global level. Rev. Moon described this as the “age after the coming of heaven”. It is also the age of cheonilguk, the age in which a new “nation” is being established that has no national, racial, religious or cultural boundaries.

Kabbah, who is also a long-serving UN official, was profiled by Time in 2002.


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  1. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah in this quotation does in fact cite very accurately the beliefs of Moon’s followers. I was a member of Moon’s church from 1976 to 1986 and during my early years of involvement I was often told the story of how 3 key leaders of Korean Christianity in 1945 were supposed to “accept Father” as the Messiah, based on revelations they had received. They failed to do so, and because of their “faithlessness” humanity missed out on its best chance to have the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth arrive within a span of a few years. Korean Christianity, according to this doctrine, was supposed to have united behind Moon, after which American Christianity was to have followed suit, and then, using the power and influence of the United States, the entire world was soon to be swept up in the joyous news that the Messiah had come in the person of Sun Myung Moon. Such, at any rate, was the myth. Kabbah also cites the myth that Moon achieved “victory in the spirit world” through his years of prayer from 1936 through 1945 when he allegedly entered the spirit world and spoke to Biblical figures such as Abraham, Moses and even Lucifer (or Satan) to discover his teachings, the Divine Principle, which are a body of arcane Biblical hermeneutics which give new meanings to many passages in the Bible, including obscure passages of the Old Testament. It is disturbing that a man of such influence could parrot these bizarre myths, if indeed Kabbah was the author of that speech. It’s possible that the speech was penned for him by Unificationists. Even if Kabbah didn’t write this speech, he evidently has bought into these doctrines and may be considered a Moon follower.

  2. It’s possible that the speech was penned for him by Unificationists.

    I’d be surprised if it wasn’t!

  3. […] I noted Kabbah back in May, after he gave a surprising speech in which he appeared to endorse Unification Church theology and Rev Moon’s claims to special spiritual significance. David Anderson at an International Leadership Conference in Kenya in August. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Ex-President of Sierra Leone: Moon Has “Come on Behalf of God”Luther King III Joins Son of Rev Moon in Philippines Festival […]

  4. Yes; once again we have the unhappy task of trying to restore Rev. Moon; which my Father’s servant John reminds me of every day with these words: to wit;

    “for unto he who men have entrusted much; shall much be required”.

    Let us examine how this might be done without going into Moon’s and John’s accusation against Zacharias; of which I write of in many other places.

    But let us look at the 3 main point in his book:

    The 3 Great Errors
    of Rev. Moon’s Book “Divine Principle”

    1.) That Lord Jesus did not rise in the flesh when he did indeed rise; flesh and bone; as even “Doubting Thomas” saw as “the least in faith” of the 12 Apostle’s.

    That Rev. Moon did not even reach the lowest standard of faith as of the Apostle’s is the reason he has no “wedding Garment”; as in denying Jesus his own flesh and bone Rev. Moon is naked before God: and not in a good way; let me assure you.

    2.) That the Holy Spirit is “Female” when the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself; Rev. Moon saying this in his book as being where “Isis” as “the queen of Egypt” whose name is “Mystery” invaded; she being the “beautiful Face of the dragon” that Jezebel wore when she was thrown down from the high window from her “ivory tower” of lies.

    Herodias was of course Jezebel just as John was Elijah; thus in not bonding with his Master John went up against “Jezebel/Herodias and Ahab/Herod” alone: and we know how he was “cut asunder”; like Rev. Moon will be if he doesn’t contact me: and sooner; not later.

    3.) That Jesus and the Holy Spirit are “Married”; this is where “Sodom” invaded; and “Sodom” is the “tail of the dragon”; which the Greeks called “the arrow of Cupid” by which all the gods fell; but these gods are but the fallen angels of not Cupid but Satan the Devil who fell by his seduction by the daughters of men upon Baal Hermon; the Holy Mount of Transfiguration that Greece they call Olympus; but the 144,00 who stand upon it with the Lamb call it Mt. Sion and not Mt. Hermon.

    For the Son and the Holy Spirit in His Name which God sent down on Pentecost are not “male and female” but “Male” as the Son or First Comforter and the sent “Male Spirit of Christ” or Second Comforter which is what the Holy Spirit in the Name of God really is: the Spirit of Christ itself. These are the two David spoke of: “thy Rod and thy Staff Comfort me”.

    In “marrying” these two instead of Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Bethany who are my own True Parents Rev. Moon effectively allowed Sodom to invade the House he was set over until his Lord and Master returned: which they have; as John the Divine is the “Master of the House” in the position of Joshua even as I am “the House” in the position of the Tabernacle of God. The little child in His Name; which is the Name of Christ Jesus; which is the Name of Love: which is the Name of God.

    christopher witt diamant

    The Wrath of the Lamb

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