UPF Holds “Kenya Unity Conference” in New Jersey

From the Kenyan Standard:

A US lawmaker has called on Kenya’s Coalition Government to make the fight against poverty and inequality a top priority.Congressman Donald Payne of New Jersey said if the Kenyan Government was to avoid a repeat of the violence witnessed late last year, then leaders must courageously and firmly deal with rampant poverty and unequal distribution of resources….The Kenya Unity Conference, organised by the Universal Peace Federation, in conjunction with several Kenyan Jersey-based civil society groups, was meant to initiate peace and reconciliation, not only among Kenyans back home, but also among those in the Diaspora.

Other sites call the event the “Kenyan Unity Conference”, and further details appear on this site:

Mayor Wayne Smith of Irvington spoke about peace and Mayor Sharon Robinson Briggs of Plainfield said “Unity is needed in the land for people to live in peace and respect each other, work amongst one another and stop killing one another”. Jersey City Deputy Mayor Kabili Tayari (Tayari-means ready in Swahili) represented Mayor Jeremiah Healy. Kenyans were given proclamation from each of these cities as a sign of recognizing peace.

The “proclamation” appears to have been “Ambassador for Peace” status, and a photograph shows participants holding “Ambassador for Peace” certificates. Although not mentioned in the article, these feature Rev Moon’s signature.

…Other Kenyan leaders, Zachary Moitui and KACA secretary Douglas Bonuke appealed to Kenyans to maintain peace and work as a team. KACA chairman Richard Maburi appealed to Kenyans to talk positive and attend meetings.

Back in February I noted how the UPF had organised “inter-religious peace prayers” in Uhuru Park in Kenya, to which various politicians had come.


Meet Ambassador DellaRatta

From All About Jazz:

In partnership with the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in support of Jazz Appreciation Month, Mayor Loretta Spencer of Huntsville, Alabama officially proclaimed Saturday April 19, 2008 to be “Rick DellaRatta and Jazz for Peace Day.”

…In September 2007, DellaRatta celebrated the Anniversary of his historic concert at the United Nations which united Israelis, Palestinians and Americans as well as the 500 benefit concert “Helping those who are helping others!” since this landmark event.

Jazz for Peace enjoys the support of Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Dennis Kucinich, Michael Bloomberg “and many other distinguished Americans”. A certain gentleman from South Korea is also a fan:

On November 21, 2007 Rick was appointed “Ambassador for Peace” by the Universal Peace Federation at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom.

Jamaican Newspaper Ponders Moon’s Influence

The Jamaica Observer has a report on the recent UPF Americas Summit, focusing on Rev Moon himself:

…That Moon was able to get the support of the group who attended the Washington conference is testament to the extent of his reach – this is a man who has spoken with presidents and rebel groups and who has organised peace walks in war-torn countries.

The warm welcome he gets in America today is a complete turnaround for a man who spent a brief time behind bars there because of a minor tax offence many years ago when he launched his peace mission in the United States. Then, he was regarded as an outsider with a strange message…

…The summit included a day trip to College Station Texas, where participants met with former US President George HW Bush, who was cited as a man who, during his time, gave a welcome focus to the South and Central American region…

Bush Snr Praises Moon at “Americas Summit”

The UPF website reports on “The Americas Summit “, held a few days ago in Washington D.C. Prominent guests included Felipe González (Prime Minister of Spain for 15 years), Julio María Sanguinetti (twice President of Uruguay), Jorge Fernando Quiroga (f0rmer President of Bolivia), and, inevitably, long-time Moon supporter George Bush Senior:

“This is not the time for America to be turning inward,” he said. “The United States needs to stand up and work for peace in the world, especially in the neighborhood of nations near to home. It is a matter of conscience, not just a concept. The challenges are more complex and more compelling than they were in the past, but they are so important we cannot afford to get them wrong. We need better solutions for issues like poverty and immigration and make sure that the successes of the past in the fight against drugs are not lost.”

“However, too many citizens these days are becoming disengaged at a time when we need more involvement, more debate, and more foreign exchanges,” he said. “That’s why the work of the Universal Peace Federation and The Washington Times is so important, and I thank Rev. Moon and salute all of you for coming here to address these urgent issues.”

(Hat tip: Dispatches from the Culture Wars)

Ex-President of Sierra Leone: Moon Has “Come on Behalf of God”

The Sierra Leone Awareness Times carries a keynote address by former president Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, delivered at a recent UPF Leadership Conference in the country. Kabbah shows a remarkable familiarity with Moon’s theology and the rhetoric of the Unification Church. Some highlights:

…The emergence of the UPF was neither accidental nor easy. UPF developed as the outgrowth of 60 years of absolute commitment and sacrifice on the part of Rev. Moon. Throughout his entire life he has been dedicated to fulfilling God’s providence.

….What stood in his way? On the one hand, the existing religious foundation, and especially the mainstream Christian missionary leaders in Korea, could not, at that time [1945], open their eyes to grasp the heavenly significance of this man and his message. Like others in the past who persecuted the prophets, they failed to recognize the one who had come on behalf of God. Thus, he was misunderstood and rejected by the established powers.

…The most basic or essential part of this foundation was actually carried out in a realm not visible by human eyes or physical senses, that is, the spiritual world. The spiritual world is a real world. However, it is not observable by human eyes. It is the realm where God dwells. It is also the realm where our ancestors dwell. Finally, it is the realm where evil spirits also dwell. It was in this realm that Rev. Moon first had to achieve victory.

Through this process Rev Moon came to know that the original fall of humanity occurred through the breakdown of God’s ideal of marriage and family. That is, the love of men and women in marriage was corrupted. This is the true meaning of the biblical story of the Fall of Adam and Eve.

…The rise of the UPF is directly linked to a moral and spiritual awakening on a global level. Rev. Moon described this as the “age after the coming of heaven”. It is also the age of cheonilguk, the age in which a new “nation” is being established that has no national, racial, religious or cultural boundaries.

Kabbah, who is also a long-serving UN official, was profiled by Time in 2002.