Meet Ambassador Ibn Chambas

From the Nigeria Tide:

Dr Mohamed Ibn Chambas, the President of ECOWAS Commission, has been honoured with the title of Ambassador of Peace for his contributions to the restoration of peace in the sub-region.

A statement from the Commission Thursday in Abuja said that the honour was bestowed on Chambas by the Universal Peace Foundation [sic] an NGO affiliated to the UN.

The award was conferred by Olaleye Alao, the UPF man in Nigeria, and Ibn Chambas was praised by Dubem Onyia, a former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and a fellow Ambassador for Peace.

Ibn Chambas is actually from across the border, in Ghana. According to Ghanaweb:

Dr Chambas first entered government in 1987 as Deputy Foreign Secretary of Ghana. He was a member of the Head of State’s summit delegations to a number of countries such as USA, China, UK, France, Malaysia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe etc. He himself led Ghana’s delegation to several countries and conferences including the UN General Assembly, ministerial meetings of the OAU and ECOWAS, Non-Aligned Movement and the Commonwealth.

Dr Chambas was centrally involved in the ECOWAS mediation efforts in Liberia and directly participated in negotiations leading to the agreements ending the Liberian civil war. He was also a member of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group, which worked to facilitate a transition to constitutional democratic governance in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and The Gambia.


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