One Family Under God

A slick video that promotes the Universal Peace Federation and Rev. Moon:

An unslick video that fails to promote Rev. Moon (via, of course, John Gorenfeld):


2 Responses

  1. I can just imagine all the journalists squirming in the audience as Moon announced that the purpose of the Washington Times is to end “free sex”. Now, in exactly what way does the Washington Times’ virulent right-wing bias cause people to have sex only within the bounds of marriage? Which, come to think of it, is itself an embarrassing thing for Moon to advocate, since (as revealed in Nansook Hong’s book, In the Shadow of the Moons) Moon is known to have had extra-marital affairs. In fact, Moon’s own daughter admitted on U.S. television that a boy she knew by the name of Sammy Pak was in fact Moon’s son by another woman. So it would appear that “free sex” is permissible for the putative Messiah, but not for the rest of us wretches. H’mmm. Very inspiring!

  2. Neufield is so full of crap his eyes are fecal .

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