More on Paraguay Conference

The UPF newsletter has more on the recent UPF conference in Paraguay, which received media and blog attention due to the involvement of Neil Bush:

This conference built on a similar conference held in Uruguay in January. Jose Maria Sanguinetti, the former Uruguayan president, addressed a special session held in the congress of Paraguay, underscoring the need for greater emphasis on education, interreligious dialogue and the family. These themes were echoed by many speakers. Dr. Miguel Abdon Saguier, president of the Senate, also addressed the session.

…Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, chairman of the International Leadership Conference, envisions a moral transformation in Paraguay that could yield a model for Latin America and promote increased friendship, cooperation, and trade throughout the hemisphere. He talked about his father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and his dream of building one family under God.

…“This is what Paraguay needed,” commented Engineer Oscar Ruben Salomón, Chairman of Paraguay’s House of Representatives. “I commit myself to support the Federation’s projects from my position and as a common citizen.”


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  1. So-called “Dr.” Hyun Jin Moon in fact merely holds an honorary doctorate from Sun Myung Moon University, named after his father. According to Wikipedia, he does hold a real Master’s degree from Harvard Business School. This practice of using the title “Dr.” despite only holding a largely meaningless honorary degree is a well-established practice in the Unification Church. Mrs. Moon, Moon aide Colonel Bo Hi Pak and Sun Myung Moon himself have all done likewise, pretending as they do so that these degrees signify genuine intellectual accomplishment.

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