UPF Promotes “Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities”

The UPI reports on “a forum of diplomats, intellectuals and peace activists organized by the Japanese Chapter of the Universal Peace Federation in Tokyo”. The keynote speaker was veteran diplomat Nagao Hyodo, who enthused that “the interfaith movement is an important paradigm in establishing a universally acceptable ethical code of conduct” and threw his weight behind a “Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities”:

The document was the brainchild of the “Old Boys’ Summit,” formally known as the InterAction Council, an annual forum of former heads of state and government that had been meeting since 1983. It was originally proposed by the late [Takeo] Fukuda.

…The preamble says the declaration “builds on the wisdom of religious leaders and sages down the ages who have warned that freedom without acceptance of responsibility can destroy the freedom itself, whereas when rights and responsibilities are balanced, then freedom is enhanced and a better world can be created.”

No particular religious leader or sage is mentioned by name, but doubtless the UPF has someone in mind…

The late Takeo Fukuda was Prime Minister of Japan in the 1970s, and was respected for his attempts at reconciliation with the rest of Asia and his rejection of Japanese militarism (in rather stark contrast to the Japanese rightists Ryoichi Sasakawa and Yoshio Kodama, who associated with the Unification Church in the 1960s).

The “Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities”, meanwhile, can be seen here.


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