UPF and the Council of African Apostles

From Kenya’s Daily Nation:

Government and opposition MPs Wednesday attended inter-religious peace prayers at Uhuru Park, and intensified demands for justice in the mediation led by former UN secretary general Kofi Annan.

The prayers centred on the urgent need for reconciliation, repentance and forgiveness among communities.

The secretary-general of Universal Peace Federation, the Rev Mwalagho Kililo, conducted the prayers.

Other leaders drawn from the Council of African Apostles asked those in the mediation talks to accept that fresh presidential elections take place so that the country can return to normal.

The “Council of African Apostles” is a new neo-Pentecostal organisation chaired by Bishop Tudor Bismark, a Zimbabwean. Details about it are scarce, but it appears to have links with the “International Coalition of Apostles”, headed by the American “spiritual warfare” exponent C. Peter Wagner. Interestingly, the Council recently held a planning meeting in Zambia – probably this is a coincidence, but this is the same country in which the UPF-backed breakaway Catholic church was recently launched. Perhaps Wagner ought to have a word with the Pope…


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