Nepal Foreign Minister Praises Philosophy of “Father Moon”

Hon. Sahana Pradhan, Nepal’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the UPF website:

UPF’s Founder, Father Moon, has developed a universal philosophy that has the power and depth to unite people from all walks of life. I believe that this International Leadership Conference will help us promote lasting peace and good governance.

 I blogged the background to the International Leadership Conference here.


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  1. Bartholomew, maybe you remember me, and maybe even with some positive association, I used to comment on your site occasionally as Josh Narins. I was just looking at my old blog and saw the link to Notes a few minutes ago.

    I was working a corporate job for the last 18 months, couldn’t blog or comment from work, so mostly fell out of touch with the blogging world.

    Comments are off over at BNOR so I am here.

    Two nights ago I found out that I am one city block from the new Moonie HQ in Manhattan, which is on 120th Street in Harlem (and not Columbia “Harlem” either)

    And this morning I finished Johann Fabian’s Language and Colonial Power which is about Swahili, although specifically the kind spoken in southeastern Congo. A lot of it details how the missionaries, of a variety of denominations, were the principal educators of Africans in written languages, domestic and European, a role given them by the colonial ministries. And that missionaries did a whole heck of a lot of the early language guides to the area, and that certain denominations tended to work in particular areas, and so would focus on a particular language. If I recall correctly, the Redemptionists focussed on Sanga, for one example.

    Anyway, I wonder if the Kenyan political-persuasion-is-obvious-based-on-religion point you noted might not lead back to the day when different sects began to become associated with different linguistic regions because of their early missionary role which became important in the production of vocabularies, grammars and translations.

  2. Oh, and my old place in Manhattan was kinda near their old HQ on 43rd (I was 41st) and I used to exchange regular emails with John Gorenfeld.

    Then we met, and he never said anything to me again, and that’s sad. Well, it’s not like he was cool or anything, I didn’t think I’d be eager to introduce him to friends or family.

    C’est la blog.

  3. JSN said…
    Well, I found someone covering Mahdism, and some weirder branches of it, translating the articles from Arabic himself, here, at missing links. Some of the other translations are more politics than religion.

  4. […] report also dwells on how impressed Nepal’s leadership is with Rev Moon; I blogged on this here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)The new battlefrontBan Ki-moon lauds […]

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