UPF Hosts Ceremony Establishing Rival Catholic Church

Over on my main blog and at Talk to Action I’ve been keeping tabs on how Moon has been encouraging the creation of a breakaway Roman Catholic church in Africa (a curious activity for someone who pontificates on interfaith harmony). His main ally in this scheme is the Zambian former Roman Catholic Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, and last month the Times of Zambia reported the split:

A SPLINTER Catholic Church called the Catholic Apostolic National Church of Zambia has been launched with Archbishop-elect, Luciano Mbewe, calling for more priests to join the church and fulfill their God-given role by marrying…Archbishop Mbewe said during the ceremony held at Peace Embassy that there were moments that the priests hoped the restoration of married priests would be made possible.

Various countries have “Peace Embassies”; they are an outreach of the Universal Peace Federation. Mbewe, a disciple of Milingo, heads “Married Priests Now” in the country; in the USA, the same organisation is run by George Augustus Stallings, a former Catholic priest who now heads the Imani Temple. Stallings has received gifts from Reverend Moon, and he hosted the “coronation” of Moon in Washington in 2004. Zambia is a particularly Moon-friendly country; as well as the Milingo connection, former prime minister Malimba Masheke chairs the national branch of the International Inter-religious Federation for World Peace.


2 Responses

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  2. […] And if the UPF is simply about “bringing communities together”, why is it sponsoring the development of a breakaway Roman Catholic Church in Africa, led by the very clerics whom Baddeley met in South […]

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