Quick catch-up

Here are the blog entries about the UPF which have appeared on my main blog over the past couple of years:

Knesset Members at Unificationist Event in Italy
Israeli politicians talk peace, helped by Rev Moon

Rev Moon Collects former Heads of State
Ex-Presidents for Moon

Indian Ambassadors Praise Rev Moon’s Peace Org in House of Lords
Lord Hameed becomes “Ambassador for Peace”

Taiwan V-P Hands Out Honours from Rev Moon
Annette Lu confers “Ambassador of Peace” awards on 145 Taiwanese

Rev Moon Making Global Inroads
Global UPF round-up, plus a bit more on Milingo

Belarus Politician’s Links to Rev. Moon Highlighted
Moon and Former Byelorussian Parliamentary Speaker Stanislav Shushkevich

UAE Business Leader Gets Degree from Rev Moon
Mohamed Alabbar gets degree while exploring business links with North Korea

Moon and a Gambian Church Leader
Ebrima Jadama and a visit by the Universal Peace Federation

Luther King III Joins Son of Rev Moon in Philippines Festival
Global Peace Festival 2007

Pakistani NGOs Prominent at “One Family Under God” Event
International Conference on Interfaith Dialogue towards Global Peace

Two More of Moon’s “Ambassadors for Peace”
In Nigeria and the Philippines

Nepalese Leaders Praise Rev Moon
UPF-Nepal in Nepalese politics


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