Meet Ambassador Shapiro-Suliman

From Trend News (Azerbaijan):

…In September 2005, the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) was established by Mun Son Men in New-York. UPF is a global alliance of individuals and organizations, edicated towards building a world of peace, where there is freedom, harmony, cooperation and co-prosperity for all.

Alex Shapiro-Suliman, the president of the Congress of Azerbaijanis on the Middle East, has been given the rank of World Ambassador.

“Shapiro-Suliman was given the rank of World Ambassador by the Federation for Peace and Inter religious international federation for peace, for his contributions in the development of peace initiatives and mission to serve for the common benefit, as well as he devotion in building up of a global peaceful community using the peace principles,” the press-service of the Congress reported to Trend on 23 January.

Shapiro-Suliman resides in Israel, and he has played a significant role in Israel-Azerbaijani relations. As another report notes:

He has also lobbied in Israel on behalf of the Azerbaijani cause in the ethnic Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, going so far as to exhort Israel – and the USA – not to recognise the Armenian genocide of 1915–1917:

According to the president, the Congress as a Diaspora organization stands for the interests of Azerbaijan and cooperation between Israel and Azerbaijan.

“We fulfill our work for Azerbaijani and Jewish nations, which are interconnected on friendship and cooperation issues”, Shapiro- Suliman said.

The statement of member of Knesset (Israel), Ran Koen, that Israel supports US Congress’s recognition of the so-called “Armenian genocide” in 1915-1917 is a hasty and insufficiently considered declaration. “The Congress of Azerbaijanis in Middle East share with the opinion of the Israeli President, Shimon Peres, who said that ‘it is senseless to testify that like Jews, the Armenians also incurred genocide. Identifying the Armenians with the Jews in the issue of genocide is unacceptable.’ From this point of view, we are sufficiently satisfied with the position of the Israel political establishment,” the President of the Congress of Azerbaijanis in Middle East, Alex Shapiro-Suliman, reported to Trend on 15 October…Shapiro-Suliman severely condemned the ‘wrong and biased decision’ of the Foreign Committee of the US House of Representatives which names as ‘genocide’ the removal of part of the Armenians in Ottoman Empire. According to him, this decision will bring harms to the friendly and strategic relations between the USA and Turkey.


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